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There is so much going on all the time, and in the accelerated augmented world, the data hits you from every angle, faster, faster. Then something whips you around in the other direction – a riptide, an unexpected postcard, Julia Holter, Angel Olsen, Jane Siberry, Bjork’s new VR video, Sara Carlson’s chorused vocals and full bodycheck dance hybrid smacking you in the soulgut and you aren’t even sure if you want to recatch you breath.

Sara Carlson is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. She has released three full-length music albums, and her songs have appeared in U.S. film and television. While starring on the #1 rated TV show Al Paradise on RaiUno (Rome, Italy), along with five other prime-time shows, she influenced a generation of post-disco dance, performing some of the most memorable dances of the era. She has appeared in over 25 U.S. and international commercials ranging from Dr. Pepper to Bacardi; three major motion pictures; iconic rock videos, including The Power Station’s cover of the T. Rex classic “Get It On (Bang a Gong)” and Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield”; and even had a recurring role as TJ on Guiding Light on CBS (USA).

Carlson is a pioneer in transcending and melding music and dance into her own inimitable art as revealed in the videos from the album. In addition to her credits, Carlson creates many of her own videos. The recent YouTube re-emergence of Carlson’s past performances from the #1 Italian TV show “Al Paradise” by her passionate fans gives us a glimpse into her surreal beginnings as an American artist who became a TV star singing & dancing in Italy and her remarkable journey through music, dance and art. Many of these showcase her legitimate dance ability and training – the movement equivalent of Debbie Harry, with soundtrack by Tiffany and Gary Glitter.

Heartdance, Carlson’s third album, features a collection of intoxicating melodies and rhythms that wrap you in a blanket of magical love, while sensual hip-shaking, toe-tapping grooves transport you to where there is no time.



Heartdance blends a full deep bottom end of tribal drums and bass supporting Carlson’s enchanting vocals, playful instrumentations and her own homemade sounds. From the edgy “Deep” to the dreamy “Greatest Gift,” Heartdance is rich with eclectic gems.

Carlson recorded and co-produced Heartdance with Scott Ansell. Ansell’s wide-ranging background in recording, mixing and producing has brought him to work with artists including Bruce Springsteen, Duran Duran, Shawn Colvin and Run DMC. Heartdance’s lush imagery is enhanced by the contributions of Roger Moutenot, who is known for his soul-filled works with Paula Cole, Lou Reed, Yo La Tengo and Roseanne Cash. The album also includes guest appearances by critically acclaimed rock troubadour Elliott Murphy and Allison Cornell, who has performed with Cyndi Lauper, Shania Twain and Joe Jackson, among many others. The recording is truly exceptional and refined, a contemporary and perhaps more organic sounding update to Carlson’s previous 80’s electro fare. However it is these very Simmons drums and DX7 progenitors that likely make the current iteration so fascinating and refreshing.

Sara is currently in the studio in New York City, working on new music.

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