Fly To Paradise

This video showcases Sara's surreal beginnings on “Al Paradise,” which was the #1 television show on RAI UNO, Italy.  Here Sara sings and dances the theme song “Fly To Paradise,” which opened the show each week.  Directed by Antonello Falqui.


Wall Dance

From “Al Paradise,” Sara dances to the song “Maniac” from the hit movie “Flashdance.” 


Sweet Georgia Brown

From “Al Paradise,” Sara collaborates with the famed jazz violinist Stephane Grapelli. Their performance of “Sweet Georgia Brown” features Sara’s playful jazzy style with of course, her own unique qualities. 


Warrioress Dance

From “Al Paradise” comes "Warrioress Dance." An avant-garde performance......


Cowgirl Dance

Also from “Al Paradise,” saddle your pony y`all, a western theme........ 

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