The Euro Trip / Eurovision Podcast

The Euro Trip / Eurovision Podcast

London To New York with love........

A recent chat with "The Euro Trip/ Eurovision Podcast." Listen for Sara Carlson @ 33:00 minutes talking about writing & performing "Celebration" on The Eurovision Song Contest. Check out their weekly podcasts for all things......... Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision Song Contest - "Celebration"

The Eurovision Song Contest - "Celebration"

"Heartdance" downloads & cd's now @ Raven Recording

Hello Everyone, 

I am very excited and honored to announce my album 

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For almost 40 years Raven Recording has been bringing the beat

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XO Sara*

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"Heartdance" music and lyrics by Sara Carlson 

Album credits for "Heartdance"

Higher Faster - Heartdance

Round - Heartdance

Rising To Divinity - Heartdance

Summer Love

I Know Nothing - Doorways


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"Heartdance" ........... the beat goes on!

"Doorways" Billboard Magazine 

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